About Sirius Technologies AG

Sirius Technologies AG has been founded over two decades ago as a technology provider company.

Following a very successful HSE/CSR custom development project in 2006, Sirius has specialized in software solutions for the areas of corporate responsibility (CR), sustainability and Health, Safety & Environment (HSE).

Our Vision

We want to enable companies to efficiently manage their sustainability and CSR data, so that they can improve their business both economically and ecologically, for the benefit of the companies, their workforce and the environment.

Services & Products

Sirius' main product is SERAM, a universal on-line tool for collecting, managing, analyzing and reporting corporate and enterprise data.
This includes data related to energy, water use, waste, CO2 emissions,employees, and any KPI which a business deems important.
SERAM is highly customizable, so that it can meet the needs of any business.

In addition to the SERAM software itself, Sirius offers SERAM as hosted solution (SaaS) and also provides support for the configuration of SERAM and migration of data.

Please visit the SERAM product page for more information.


We are located in Switzerland.

We speak English, German and French, and we have partners covering other languages.

You can reach us under the following address:

Sirius Technologies AG
Milieu du Village 27
CH-2762 Roches (BE)

E-mail: info@sirius.ch
Tel.: +41 61 3757575
Fax: +41 61 3757570

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